Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarns 2KCBWDAY1

     Yippeeee!  It's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!  I will try to blog each day this week on a specific knitting topic as part of this project.  Today's subject is "A Tale of Two Yarns."  The first yarn I'll review is Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock yarn and the color is "Snapdragon."   It comes in 400 yard skeins of 100% superwash merino wool, hand dyed in Canada.  Here's their site:

     This is my very first time to knit with Sweet Georgia yarn.  I love the color!  Snapdragon was described by my daughter as "very neon."  Frankly, it reminds me of a candied Granny Smith apple.  So far, it's easy to knit with.  There has been no fiber splitting, however, since I'm knitting a sock and going 'round and 'round, I have to hold the yarn up high quite often and let my sock-in-progress dangle in order to let the yarn untwist itself.  Kind of like what you have to do with an old fashioned phone cord when the receiver keeps getting twisted.  I love the little strips that the yarn creates and when knit with a 2.25 needle, the fabric feels like it will hold up for a long while.  Here's my photo of the sock.

Sweet Georgia

     The next yarn that I'll review is Koigu KPPPM .  Koigu is one of me new  favorites. It also comes from Canada.  Kpppm is 100% merino wool and comes in skeins of 175 yards.  It is hand-painted and "each dye lot is an original painting."  I've already made two scarves with this yarn and am currently working on a pair of socks.  I love this incredibly soft yarn.  It is so much fun to work with.  The colors kind of blend together so there is not as much of a striping affect as there is with the Sweet Georgia sock yarn.  I'm using a number 3 needle and, like Sweet Georgia, have had no fiber splitting.  Kpppm is much softer as it slides through my fingers, I like that!  I'm dying to make a sweater out of this yarn.


     I'll end the first day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week with a spring photo from Oregon.  Hope I can keep up with the next 6 blogs.

Spring is Here!!!