Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ducks in My Yard

Sir Duck
     When it rains really hard in the Spring the worms tend to make a mass exodus from the ground to the sidewalks and roads in our neighborhood.  There is a pair of ducks that seems to know when this happens and instead of searching for food, they come to our neighborhood and gorge themselves on the plethora of worms just lying in the road.  It's a true feast for them and a treat for us to see them in the neighborhood every once in awhile.  They've been doing this for a few years and it's only ever two ducks that we see so I assume it's the same couple each time.

Mrs. Duck

Checking out the neighbor's yard.

     I haven't reported on the Portland Yarn Crawl, but it was a great success.  We visited 11 of the 20 yarn stores in the Portland area.  We didn't have any luck winning the raffles  but we did come home with some really cool yarn and some new spinning fibers.

This was in the free gift bag we got for being one of the first 20 people to visit Knit Purl in downtown Portland.

     I've already started a "linen stitch" scarf out of this.  Remember, if you want to see how to do the linen stitch, there are videos on Youtube. 

      I just finished this purple linen stitch scarf made out of Koigu KPM.

Koigu KPM

     I also just finished my first pair of socks in about three years.  I love the self striping in this yarn.  I got the yarn at The Yarn Garden in Portland.

Love those stripes!!!

     These are the spinning fibers I bought and both have alpaca in them (my favorite fiber).
Both are from Abstract Fibers.

      Lastly, I signed up to be a part of a public art installation in Portland called, "You are the Chosen One."  This will be a mural made of 100 knitted squares measuring 12X12.  The mural will read, "You are the Chosen One."  Check out their site if you would like to be a part of the project.  I will be knitting the letter "O" in the word "You."  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and don't forget to wear green.