Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mount Hood and My Latest Hats

     I took this awesome photo of Mount Hood last week on a RARE sunny day.  My intentions were to take pictures of the alpacas since they are so photogenic and when I arrived, there was this glorious shot of Mount Hood.  
I love how the mountain just looms over this farm!
Those are horses, not alpacas.
     Here are the few alpaca shots I got.  They were quite far from the road so it was hard to get the expressions on their faces.  I usually get quite a few good face shots at the other farm where I can get closer to them.
Got an itch?

I'm watching you!
     Here are some photos of my latest creations.  I decided to make another Dachshund hat in honor of my loving wiener dog, Boomer, who now comes upstairs to wake me up at 5:00AM every morning if I'm not already downstairs. I don't know whether he misses me or that he's just hungry and my hand is the one that feeds him!  I used Malabrigo Worsted for this one.

Wiener dog and tennis ball.

This is just made with left-over stash.

Party Hat!

     Those are my latest creations.  At this very moment, my most recent Leigh Radford felted stocking is in the washing machine being felted.  I'll have pictures of it on the next post!  
     I can't leave you without an equine photo.  This is a new Haflinger on the farm.  Very cute, but I don't know her name!

Looking for friends!

Chat later!