Friday, December 31, 2010

Wiener Dog Tales

I LOVE THIS!!!!  Saw it at a restaurant the other day.
     We had an awesome Christmas. Boomer, our Dachshund , got the best gift, a giant gingerbread dog biscuit.  My daughter bakes special biscuits for him and he can smell them when they're baking, thus he goes nuts until he gets one.  Once he gets one, he wants another one though!!! This explains his plump body. Here he is on Christmas morning begging for his gingerbread boy.
"Please, may I have some gingerbread?"
    Boomer also got a few stuffed toys.  The minute he gets a stuffed toy his goal is to see how fast he can "kill the toy"  by chewing it apart and getting the squeaker out.  Once he has the squeaker he runs around with it tossing it into the air and catching it.  Here he is surrounded by the stuffing.

He likes to hide under chairs too!
All tuckered out!!!
     Happy New year to all!  I promise I'll have lots of knitting pictures in the next post.  I'm working on a few scarves, a stocking and another hat with a Dachshund on it.