Friday, November 19, 2010

Tis the Season to Knit Christmas Stockings Part II

     I just finished felting my Leigh Radford Christmas stocking and, holy cow, is it ever so cute. Turned upside down, it looks like a Dr. Seuss hat.  My daughter had the idea to make a smaller version with ties so that it could be used as a birthday hat.  I think I'll do that!
     Before I felted it, it was 50 inches long and looked like this,
Isn't this cool?

     I was really quite nervous about putting it in the washing machine because I was afraid that I might find a huge pile of knotted yarn when I opened the door after the machine stopped.  I was so surprised that the felting process worked.  I only had to run the machine one full cycle.  I also had an old pair of jeans in the machine with the stocking to help the process.  Here it is!  Isn't it awesome???

I'm off to The knitting Bee  to get some new yarn.
If you are in Atlanta, stop by the St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace
tomorrow for some great Christmas shopping.  My sister will be selling my hats at the show.