Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It Snowed!!! No School!!!

     It snowed last night (just a little bit) and it's was 31 degrees this morning.  This little girl or guy was on my deck looking for a drink of water that wasn't frozen.  At first, I thought her feet were stuck in the ice on my red vase (this is actually supposed to hold a votive candle, but I fill it with water and the birds drink from it) or that she was sick since she let me get so close to her, but she eventually flew over to the play structure. I think she was just very thirsty. I filled it up and added bird seed to the feeder so all is well now.
Mourning Dove on my deck.

     The roads are icy so that means NO SCHOOL!!!  This is our chance to start baking Christmas cookies.  Chocolate Hearts are my very favorite cookies that I make only at Christmas time so that's what we started with.  Here they are!!!

Warm Christmas Hearts

     The other night I decided to felt a VERY LARGE hat that I knitted ages ago. When I knitted it I used my leftover yarn pieces.  Holy cow!  it's the perfect hat for someone with dreadlocks (plenty of peeps in the Northwest have those AND TATTOOS).   Contact me if you would like to purchase this hat to keep you and your dreads warm.
"Dreadlock warmer"

                                                                   Happy Tuesday!