Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunny Pictures and a New Malabrigo Hat

Blueberry bushes in Sherwood, OR
     It's 44 degrees and pouring rain outside.  I guess Fall is definitely here!  Since last week was so beautiful and since I most definitely prefer warm weather, I wanted to show you a few more pictures that I took last week.  

This barn is near our house and surrounded by cabbage fields that are being
 harvested right now.  In summer, strawberries are being harvested and you can
smell the incredibly fragrant berries if you drive by the fields with the
car windows down.

Plowing the fields.

     I just finished a hat last night for a friend of mine who needs a baby gift.  The main part of the hat is knit with Malabrigo worsted in a fuchsia color.  www.malabrigoyarn.com   The confetti around the ribbing was a remnant that I had so I can't tell you who made that because the label is long gone.  I also needle felted on the body of the hat to give it more of a confetti look.  The ribbing on the hat is rolled up to create a smaller size.  If you roll the ribbing down it still looks very cute but will also fit an older child.  Here it is!

Malabrigo Confetti hat.
  Happy Tuesday!