Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zaol Toki80

     Check out my newest hat made with Zaol Toki80.  I love this yarn!!!  It is fabulously soft and PERFECT for hats, scarves and gloves. It is a blend of 80% angora and 20% nylon and comes from Seoul, Korea.  The company's website is in Korean so here's the site for the really cool yarn store in Beaverton, OR where I bought it.

     Yesterday's open house went well.  I sold a few more hats,  chatted with some old friends and met a whole lot of new friends.  As of this coming Monday, my hats will be on their way to Atlanta, GA for the St. Pius X Marketplace. There will be 175 artists at the show so if you are in Atlanta be sure to stop by  to see my sister and niece who will be there selling my hats.

     We had three incredibly beautiful days this week with temperatures in the 70's so I'll leave you with some photos I took during those days.

Mt. Hood

Mount Saint Helens

I should know the name of this one but I'm not sure.  Maybe
Rainier, Adams, Baker!  It's in Washington!

Succulents on my deck.

More Fall foliage!


     Happy weekend!