Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wow! Lots of Hits the Past 2 Days

     WOW!!!  I've had A LOT of new visitors to my site the past two days, including a new visitor from Uganda.  My Canadian, Australian and UK friends seem to be back too.  Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my blog, especially if you're from outside the USA.  I would love to hear from you about my photography, knitting...
     I took this picture of the Kale that is in my pots outside the front door of my house.  I love the pink and green together.  I had to take one picture before I pull them out and replace them with Primroses (one of every color).
I love the color and the detail in this photo.

This is perfect for St Patrick's Day

     I just finished this scarf.  I bought the yarn at a local art show and can't remember the name of the person who made it, but it is hand-dyed and I think made of Bamboo and maybe some tencel. I used a number 10 knitting needle to give it a lacy look. Here's the pattern:

Cast on 20 stitches (or however wide you'd like the scarf)
Knit 2 rows
K1, *YO (yarnover), K2tog* ( * repeat until 1 stitch remains), K1
Continue doing the previous row until the scarf  is as long as you'd like.
 Leave enough yarn for fringe
Knit 2 rows
Cast off
Add fringe

     This is my first time to write down a pattern so I hope it's understandable.  If you have questions, email me or leave a comment!

Matching hat and scarf

    I knit these with Mission Falls 1824 Wool which is no longer being made as of 2011.  Still a great yarn!!!

    I'm currently working on a hat out of all of these very yummy yarns.  I'll have pix of it on the next post.

     Finally, only a few more hits and my blog will reach the 1,000 mark.  Keep coming back and please leave me a comment if you see something you like.


P.S. Do you ever feel like this?  Every time I try to add a photo to my blog this is the first picture to catch my eye.  I had to show her to you!

She loves cupcakes from St. Cupcake in Portland, OR