Sunday, October 31, 2010

Be Sweet Hat and Halloween

     Here is my latest hat that I just completed.  In a previous post I showed you a picture of Be Sweet's T-shirt yarn which is made in South Africa of recycled t-shirt fabric.  The hat was great fun to make but turned out a little on the stiff side.   So stiff that If I turn the hat upside down it could be a bowl.  Anyway, it's really cute, very cottony, very shapely and very blue.

     On a different note, today is Halloween!  This is a big day for us since it is my oldest daughter's favorite holiday (mine is Christmas).  The house is decorated and we're ready for the wee ones (and the big ones) to drop by for some candy tonight.  Our celebrating really began on Friday when I substitute taught some very excited  first through fourth graders. Luckily I was only there for half the day and the regular teachers had to control the "Harvest" parties.

     Yesterday, was the "Halloween on Horseback" party at the barn.  I've got great pictures to show you of the horses and riders and of the horses bobbing for apples.  Only one horse was victorious in retrieving an apple and it wasn't ours.

This is Lux! My daughter is turning him into a John Deere tractor.

Lux really would like to know what the heck his owner is doing to him.

Ready to bob for apples!

                                                              Time for apple bobbing.
Here's Lux having a go at it.  I think he wanted to just drink all of the water first and then take
an apple but the game was timed so that didn't work.  He ended up getting an apple anyway (by hand).

Here's Ocho, the winner!

Got it!!!

I have one last Halloween picture to show and it's of my wiener dog, Boomer, dressed in his costume.  If you check out the teeth, you can see that he's not too happy about being a hotdog for Halloween.  I think he'd actually prefer to be a shark given the number of people he's attacked and bitten.  Bad dog!!!

Happy Halloween!

P.S.  Here's another site for you to check out.  
I bought a really cool clock form this artist at Art in the Burbs last week.  Here's a picture of it.