Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Babies and Hats, Babies and Hats, Babies and Hats

     I think I have finally recovered from my biggest art show of the year, Art in the Burbs.  The show went really well with the greatest sales happening on Friday night.  Saturday is always a bit slow considering all of the parents are at sports events with their wee ones.  Speaking of "wee," I picked up some really awesome new vocabulary ("wee" being one of my new words) after spending a lot of time at the show chatting with my friend who is from Scotland.  I also learned a new word for T.V. and that's "telly."  "Telly" sounds so much sweeter than "television."  My third new word is "porridge."  Gotta love that word too.

     Anyway, back to the show! Sunday was and awesome day too with more sales happening that day than Saturday but not nearly as many as Friday.  All in all it was a great show and I want to show you some pictures from the big event.

This is my display!  It is supposed to look like a giant pot of flowers.
I even had a lovely lady tell me that it definitely looked like that.  Yea!!!!

     I had soooo very many friends come by the show to visit with me and shop for hats.  Everyone that  came for a hat definitely found one or two that they just had to have.  You just have to check out Vincent.  I don't think he came to buy hats, he just came for some good, old, playtime fun.  Check this little guy out!!!

He gets livelier as time goes on!

Here he is hanging out IN my box of extra hats.
Just wait, it gets BETTER!!!

     Once mom takes him out of the basket, he just hasn't had enough and decides to tumble face-first back into it.

Here he is having more fun than any little boy around town!

There is one more visitor that I have to show you.  Check out Natalie!!!

Lookin' a little too serious with this hat.
Let's try a different one!

She says "Yep, this is the one. It matches my pants!"

     My next show will be next Friday, November 5 in the same neighborhood as Art in the Burbs.  After that, my hats are off to Atlanta for another show.

Good day!!!

P.S.  I all of the sudden have an incredible number of hits to my blog today. Yippeeee!!!!  People from Australia, Poland, Iraq, Canada, U.K. and Vietnam  have viewed  it this morning.

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