Wednesday, April 9, 2014


     I recently took a Shibori class.  We used cochineal bugs to dye silk scarves a beautiful shade of red.

These are the dead cochineal bugs that you grind up and boil in hot water.
This is my silk scarf before I dyed it.  I wrapped nails, pencils and pieces of wood with string to create designs.

This is a small sample that I also dyed in a different shade of red.

This was the sample dyed in a lighter shade of red.  I love this one.  Can you see the two Darth Vader masks on the bottom?  So cool! I don't know how I did that. I'd like to say it was all planned, but it wasn't.
This is the scarf.  Nails wrapped with string created the designs.

     Next up is a Shibori class using indigo for the dye.