Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They're back! Again.

     The two dear deer that were in our yard snacking on our grass and then POOPING on it the other day were back, AND they brought two friends.  Yep, two became FOUR eating and pooping deer.  The deer are cute, the POOP is NOT.  Here they are chowing down and then skidaddling out when Boomer found out they were back.

Cute, right? NOT when they lift their tails.
Yep, right back atcha there, Sweetums!  I'm watchin' you!!!

Ok, here they go, over the fence. Yep, they stomped my lilac and killed it.
Those knees don't have much clearance.
Made it! That's mom number 1.
That's mom number 2. She has better clearance.
Out she goes. Here come the babies.
Much better form and clearance for these two.
Until next time, see ya!!!