Sunday, February 9, 2014

On The Third Day of the Snowstorm...

     On the third day of the snowstorm we decided to venture to the grocery store in my car and WE MADE IT. While we were there the snow really started coming down which made the mister (who was at home) really nervous. We purchased our groceries and went home with no trouble at all.

     Time for some sledding fun.

I made the hat and it's way too big but she loves it.  She looks like a Smurf in it.
I'm teaching them the technique for speed, lean back and lift the front.
The ski goggles are a necessity.
     After sledding, we saw a group of six people SKIING down our street. We wanted to do that too.

We found our skis.

It was kind rough going for this guy. It was his first time skiing.
We met a dog who shares my name.  This is Anna!
So much fun!