Thursday, February 23, 2012

From Denmark

     I participated in a swap through a friend's blog and now I have a friend in Denmark.  Yesterday I got the coolest package from Denmark and my family and I had so much fun opening it to find these things.

And, there was a really nice letter from Mette, the sender.

     That's her letter there on the left.  So, what are all of these wonderful things?  From the top left moving right and then down and then left:  A beautiful postcard, star sewing pins (I sew, just like Mette), black tea with roses (I love tea), another cute postcard, these awesome gift tags, and the cutest notebook ever that I can use for anything I wish.  So cool!!!  Thank you, Mette!  I hope to continue corresponding with Mette so that I can send her one of my colorful scarves or hats.

     Check out Mette's blog here: erleperle

     Her Etsy shop is here: Erleperle

Happy Thursday!