Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smoochy Baby Booties With Smashing Beaded Baby Hat

     I've never knit baby booties before and I think I'm now addicted.  Check out how cute these are.  I just finished them two days ago and decided to make a matching hat.  I recently took a spinning class from Anita Osterhaug and learned how to do all kinds of spinning including the kind with beads.  I decided to add the yarn that I created during that class to the brim of the hat and I love the look.  These would definitely fit the newborn set.

     The pink yarn is Ry Cashsoft DK  It's got merino, microfiber, and cashmere fibers.  Perfect for baby knits.

Perfect for a newborn.

     Someday I'll write up the pattern for these and share it. That would be another new venture for me and so might take awhile.

     Leave a comment if you are interested in the patterns and even if you're not interested, just say hello and tell me what city and country you're from.  I had over 180 hits from Russia today and would love to hear from some (or all) of you.

Happy Weekend!