Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobblin' Good Thanksgiving and The Mother of All Beehives

     We're all so sad that the Thanksgiving weekend is over and that we have to return to our school routines today.  The holiday was incredibly fun and filled with lots of knitting, holiday decorating, wine tasting and the removal of "the mother of all beehives" from under our house.
      OK, so a lot of you have inquired about purchasing my hats. I still have some available from the Atlanta show but I'm waiting for my sister to ship them back to Oregon.  They should be here by the end of the week. Of course I'm always working on new ones too! I will post pictures of all the available hats as soon as I get them. You can contact me through my profile on the right side of the blog.

     Here are a few of the hats I finished recently.
This one is made of wool and angora and incredibly soft.  It's plain
with no buttons or bobbles and would look really sweet on a wee boy
or girl with blonde hair.

This one is bigger and would fit an older child or an adult.
It is made with a very fine strand of mohair and silk and the heavier yarn
is wool that was hand-spun by me.  It has a button on the top that is the same
shade of reddish-purple as the mohair/silk strand.

This one is made with a cashmere/wool/microfiber blend.
It is striped all around and, of course, has a really cool metal skier
button on the top.  It is really stretchy and could fit a child or adult.

     On the way to the barn to visit our horse on Saturday, we came across numerous signs for wine-tasting, one of them at a farm that we have always wanted to visit.  I will say that we've always wanted to visit the farm for its beautiful white fences and its HORSES, not its wines.  We didn't even know it was a vineyard!!! 
      I must say that I know nothing about wine, nor do I even like wine, and it showed.  The tasting was in this incredible indoor arena where the owner would normally be training her Dutch Warmbloods.  I decided to try a little bit of the wine so I didn't look too out of place.  Of course, I happened to accidentally go to the dessert wine first (I didn't even know there was such a thing).  The guy looked at me like I was nuts and said, "you start over there."  OOPS!!!
    Anyway, we got some wine in our glasses so that it "appeared" like we knew what we were doing and we went to check out the horses and the barn. Here's the website if you're interested in the wines or the horses.   Here are our pix from the farm.
Each stall had a Christmas wreath.
Luckily the sun was shining or this trip wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

The farm had this magnificent dressage arena.

Dutch Warmblood

Wine tasting in the indoor arena.

     Finally, my husband removed "the mother of all beehives" from under our house.  We knew it was there but didn't do anything about it until it was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and the bees were coming in the house.  He safely removed it without getting stung. You can see that the bees were true architects.

Notice the different "floors"  of the nest all made from chewed up wood from our house.

Yep, that's chewed up wood from our house to create their house.

      If you ever decide that cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving is WAY too much work, you need to try a Greenberg Smoked Turkey from Tyler, Texas.  We get one every year.  It arrives at your door ready to eat and is the BEST turkey you'll ever taste "without the work."

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Come back soon!!!

                                                         Happy Monday!