Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Babies, Boxers and Bikes

So I wanted to show you a few pictures of some hats from last year.  I'll have tons of hats at Art in the Burbs www.artintheburbs.org/ this weekend.  Some hats will be like these, but most will be very different with a lot of my new hats having needle felted designs on them.  I'll also have a few very colorful scarves.
     The colors are the best part of my hats.  I love bright colors and I love to mix and match colors. Color is incredibly important to me since I live in the Pacific Northwest where it can be very dreary and dark for about nine months of the year.  In a few months I'll be posting a lot of pictures from summer to remind you and me that the sunshine and warm weather will return soon!

I happened to see my very first "cyclocross" biking event this weekend.  What a treat!  I have never seen anything like it!  It was a bright and sunny day  and I was told  that this wasn't nearly as exciting as when it is pouring rain and muddy.  I guess these cyclers LOVE to get muddy.  One rider bragged to me about face planting in the mud two weeks  earlier. CRAZY DUDE!!! They even had special peeps there to wash the mud off the bikes.  Sorry to say they weren't very busy.  Check out this very bored bike washer reading a magazine to his dog.

I just have to include the cute dog pictures that I took while I was there and a few pix of my favorite biker.  She got 2nd place!!!